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cannabis essential oil
CBD Benefits for Sport

Every year in September WADA draws up a list of substances prohibited to sportsmen which will come into force from the following year. From 1 January 2018 cannabidiol is no longer a doping substance in the world of sport. Decision supported by the numerous data provided by science that confirm the beneficial effects of CBD

Formula 1 Now Attracts Numerous Sponsors

It wasn’t long ago that Formula 1 realized that it had to work hard to defend itself from critics. Rampaging costs were out of control in Formula 1. The noisy V8 engines were an argument for those who felt it was just a waste of resources, and the sponsors seemed uninterested in a motorsport that

Tips for Betting on Motorsports

Taking on the challenge of betting successfully on motorsports requires the application of some gameplay strategies. Speed ​​sports are fun, especially when combined with the thrill of online gambling. The leading motorsports bookmakers offer a wide variety of markets, from rally vehicles to Cross bikes, and of course the popular Formula 1 races. Winning at